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segunda-feira, 11 de setembro de 2023



"Because the living beings are completely unaware of their own nature, that's why they live suffering and the more they do to walk better, the worse everything goes. door of spiritualization, they are already close to this other one, which is the Superior Astral. And here are written data, clarifying how to reach, how to get here in RATIONAL PLAIN, through RATIONAL IMMUNIZATION." (Page 170, 1st. Volume, Book UNIVERSE IN DISENCHANTMENT, author: RATIONAL SUPERIOR).

CONSIDERATIONS: We have already said that man is a microsystem of this macrosystem divided into 7 (seven) parts, which is the world we live in. These 7 (seven) parts are: Sun, Moon, Stars, water, earth, animals and vegetables! Therefore, we are formed by these 7 (seven) parts and, as a result, we depend on them to be able to live here.

However, long ago man broke with the Natural Power, no longer guided by its guidance, by the natural orders and laws of nature, to be guided by his own desires and will. This happened when the astrological civilization abandoned the astrology alphabet (the map of life that everyone has in the palm of their hands) and invented the artificial alphabet, which prevails until today. And we, we inherited this heritage from the primitives of that civilization and we are suffering the consequences of that mistake until today.

But as nature has superior feelings and is kind, it continued its evolution and its natural progress, aiming to prepare us to reach the greater objective, which is the return of everything and everyone to our true natural state of being, which is of human beings. Pure, clean and perfect Rationals and of eternal life. In that sense, she has been promoting phase changes for a long time! How it changed from the savage stage to the civilization stage (the stage of thought and imagination).

But man, living outside of natural changes and modifications and against natural laws, does not feel these changes and changes; only he perceives the effects of the change, due to the disturbances resulting from the changes in the phases of nature. It should be noted that these changes result from the fact that, in nature, nothing stands still, everything is in constant evolution.

Therefore, it becomes necessary and necessary for man to accompany the natural changes of nature (through its changes of phases), to be supported, protected, guarded and guided by it, so that everything works out in his life, since whoever lives against nature, lives against everything and everyone and himself.

Finally, we must clarify that, at the present time, we are facing another phase change in nature. The phase of civilization (of thought and imagination) ended and the Rational Phase entered nature, the phase of peace, love, fraternity and universal concord, through the development of Reasoning (the substitute for thought and imagination). . This phase is the last phase of the life of matter, since in the Rational Phase all humanity is returning to its true World of Origin, the RATIONAL WORLD. For that reason and for that, RATIONAL IMMUNIZATION and the Books UNIVERSE IN DISENCHANTMENT are in the world, brought by the natural evolution of nature itself, which in its infinite goodness, granted us another opportunity to return to our World of Origin, reading and rereading the brilliant pages of this great Work. (By Antonio dos Santos and Angela Maria). Translated by: Joyce Barros.

Rational greetings to all!


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