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domingo, 6 de agosto de 2023



“Everything changes due to deformation. Since everything is deformed, there is no stability, and because there is no stability, there is transformation in all beings. This is why men have adopted the law of transformation as a basis, and have always remained under the natural law of deformation, which is the same law of transformation.

Transforming all beings and multiplying these transformations, they even had to reach nothingness, due to the eclipse of degeneration. Transforming, it degenerates and degenerates, it dwindles. You can see that, due to the progress of degeneration, they become weaker due to microbial weakening.”


CONSIDERATIONS: In this passage, RATIONAL SUPERIOR honors the Principle of Transformation, once advocated by Lavoisier and which said the following: “in nature, nothing is created, nothing is lost, everything is transformed.”

Transcending the Principle of Transformation, the inevitable question arises: why does everything transform? What is the objective, the purpose of everything transforming? In a simple and very natural way, RATIONAL SUPERIOR clarifies to us that everything transforms because everything that exists is in a state of deformation, that is, it stopped being what it was, to be what it is today! And what ceased to be what it was? What is your scope? What ceased to be what it was was us, nature, the world and the universe in which we live! So what was all this before it was what it is? What was the true, legitimate state of all this? And what existed, before all this existed? RATIONAL SUPERIOR irrefutably clarifies to us that the RATIONAL WORLD existed and exists with its Inhabitants and a small part of the RATIONAL WORLD, called RATIONAL PLAIN, which was not ready to enter into progress and that some Inhabitants of its RATIONAL WORLD they left, by their own free will, they entered RATIONAL PLAIN and decided to prostrate it on their own! The result of that progress on its own was the transformation of RATIONAL PLAIN and, later, its degeneration, deformation, pollution and weakening! This is where the beginning of the transformation took place, until reaching that state of deformation in which everything and everyone finds themselves.

And transcending even more, RATIONAL SUPERIOR teaches us that everything had to transform, so that through transformation, we could reach the final point of transformation, which is the transformation of all this deformation to its true natural state, which is the reconstitution of RATIONAL PLAIN. What a beautiful and wonderful thing huh, friends!

And because everything is deformed, out of its natural and legitimate state of being, mortality rules in this world! You see, my friends, a fish outside its natural state of being, its natural habitat of being, what happens to it? Die, isn't it? That's how it is with humans! Being out of his habitat, his rightful place, his World of Origin, he has no right to live, and therefore, he dies! That's why we're mortal!

But in truth, nobody dies, nobody disappears, since nothing ends for good; and yes, it transforms! It transforms from one life to another, from one state of being to another, from one body of life to another, from an old, sick, failing body of life to a new, rejuvenated one. (new generation). Yes because life is always life and it never ends! Like a caterpillar turning into a cocoon and emerging as a butterfly! There is nature proving and proving, with all its wisdom, how nothing and no one dies!

We learned, in Rational Knowledge, too, that death had to exist to take everyone away from here, from a world to which we do not belong! So, everyone who is born here is subject to capital punishment, because we are not from here! Until we could truly know ourselves, to know why we are suffering and mortal and how we can stop being like that, through Rational Knowledge!

And then friends, you must be wondering: but if nobody dies, nobody disappears, but is transformed into another body of life, renewed, why then do we not remember what we were in previous lives? Because the transformation from one body of life to another erases everything that was from the previous life, from the previous body, from the previous life! Simple, isn't it, my friends?! And you must also be wondering: but is there a possibility of knowing what we were in previous lives, in past lives? Yes, my friends! The immunized human being knows everything, he knows everything, he unravels all the mysteries and all the enigmas, he truly knows his past, his present and his future! It is for this and other reasons that RATIONAL IMMUNIZATION will take over the world!

Finally, with RATIONAL IMMUNIZATION, the human being will start to live in a Rational, conscious and positive way, another way of life, happier and more complete! Therefore, if today we live crying and martyring ourselves for the loss of our loved ones and our pet friends (for losing direct contact with them after their deaths), with RATIONAL IMMUNIZATION we will be fully aware that they will return to RATIONAL WORLD! And because we are all Rationally developed, we will keep in touch and understanding with all of them! So, it is proven and proven that nobody dies, nobody disappears, since life goes on in the RATIONAL WORLD! (By Antonio dos Santos and Angela Maria). Translated by: Joyce Barros.

Rational greetings to all!


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