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quarta-feira, 2 de agosto de 2023



“There are those who do not believe in one or another doctrine, who do not want to know about one or another religion, as something that knows everything and knows how to solve everything. And that's why they talk about spiritism with anyone, the spiritism that everyone knows. What you do not know is RATIONAL IMMUNIZATION. No one knows what immunization is, not even by name. The living being, when he does not know, must try to know first, in order to later know what he is saying. Anyone who starts talking about a subject they don't know cannot achieve good results and proves that they don't respect that subject.”




       (SECOND PART)

Framing is a natural tendency of people when they discover something new and unprecedented, that is, they seek in their reference points and traditional knowledge an identification or justification to explain, define everything that is new and unknown. This insecurity and the need to label everything within patterns that are already known and mastered, make people not realize that nature is one of transformations, where nothing is repeated. The patterns of yesterday and now, created by imagination and thought, have neither foundation nor structure to serve as a point of reference for manifestations of life today and tomorrow, respectively. So, in the rush to classify what they don't know, some have been insisting on saying that RATIONAL CULTURE is a sect, other times they say it is religion, doctrine and so on. And none of that RATIONAL CULTURE is. And, based on the Dictionary by Aurélio Buarque de Holanda (Brazilian Philologist), we explain why. (THE CONTENT BETWEEN THE QUOTES BELOW IS A TRANSCRIPTION OF THIS DICTIONARY).

                     ABOUT THE SECT

"Doctrine or system that differs from the general opinion and is followed by all".

                  RATIONAL CULTURE, as previously proven, is not Doctrine. Yes, it is a knowledge of peace, love and fraternity that everyone wants and seeks. It is knowledge in favor of logic, reason, harmony between peoples, which even in law, throughout time, humanity has been defending as necessary for the preservation of life. It is not against anything, against any system and it proves that everyone is necessary for the stoning of humanity and its preparation in the sense of understanding that outside of the natural nothing works, there is no balance, there is no peace. Therefore, RATIONAL CULTURE is not against anything, nor how fair to place those already existing systems, for the balance of the Rational animal and its consequent harmony with nature.

“A group of individuals who profess the same doctrine”.

                  Professing means publicly acknowledging. Well, whoever dedicates himself to the study of RATIONAL CULTURE is because he naturally identified himself with the truths it contains. Because RATIONAL CULTURE does not depend on recognition or consideration, because the truth is independent of any recognition. It exists and is enough by itself. It doesn't need beings, but beings need it. It is powerful and natural force that gives cause, origin and basis to all existences. Like the air that feeds everyone, indistinctly and regardless of any recognition or consideration. On air, it doesn't matter what the atheists and the religious, the poets and the businessmen, the rich and the poor, men and women say about it. They make opinions about it, but none of them will change the truth that is the air and the same will interfere with the function it has. Being Rational means not wasting time with comments extracted from imagination and thought and seeking to know him as he (ar) is, in order to harmonize with him. And yet, already proved, RATIONAL CULTURE is not Doctrine.

“Closed community of a radical nature”.

                  RATIONAL CULTURE is a Culture and not a community. A superior Culture, therefore, open and not against anything or anyone, it is in favor of everything and everyone. She proves that everything is accurate and necessary, deserving respect and therefore is not radical.

"A master's theory followed by numerous proselytes".

                  RATIONAL CULTURE is not a theory because it is not a hypothesis or supposition nor does it depend on demonstrations. Whoever is dedicated to its study cannot be called a proselyte, because a proselyte is an individual converted to a doctrine, idea or system; a sectarian, adept, partisan. There is no conversion to RATIONAL CULTURE because it is the knowledge that completes every human being and universalizes, that is, it unifies the existing knowledge. RATIONAL CULTURE unites, does away with differences, with sectarianisms that bring conflicts to humanity, it unites all existing parts without underestimating them. So there is no conversion, but a real appreciation of life through awareness of existence.

(By: Nagea Luiza Batista) Antônio dos Santos e Ângela Maria. Translated by: Joyce Barros

Rational greetings to all!


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