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quinta-feira, 6 de julho de 2023



And the invisible ones? The living beings that inhabit the vacuum between the sun and the earth, how is their origin? They were some beings who stayed on a part of the Plain and did not deform completely, as the bodies that extinguished on the resin and on the part already deformed of the Plain. All Rational bodies, being that, those ones invisibles stayed on another part and stopped the progress, not becoming deformed at all, and these are the inhabitants from the vacuum.

Those who continued with progress got to the extinction of their bodies, which is the origin of human beings, as you already know. That is why there are two worlds: that of the vacuum, of the invisible inhabitants and that of you on Earth.

But everything that is between the sun and on the earth, below them is deformed, even though the invisibles are classified in a superior category than those who deformed completely, who became animals at once, as the bodies there, products of animals, from this animal place which are the earth and the water. They are deformed in superior category, in space and you, in inferior category; but even though they are deformed as a superior category, they could never unveil the enchantment, maintaining all of you in this life of experiences, without knowing how to divulge everything, for being enchanted, as well.

This is why spiritism exists since long centuries and veteran eras and never went beyond this. It always kept himself with the bad habit of reincarnations, saying that the bodies on Earth are always the same to be born.

But you do not know that the bodies return to be born on Earth due to the seeds that are in the sun, in the moon, in the stars, in earth, in water, in the animals, and in the vegetables, which you already know.

You called it reincarnation because you did not know that the bodies die and return in flesh, because of the seeds being always the same.

And thus, since long it is reigning with this name of reincarnation, saying that everyone has spirit, but you don't know that this body that is born there is spirit, because it was born to live in experiences and all who live in experiences are spirits, erring more than succeeding, victims of the experiences, for coming from the space the influences, because your nature is already done for these correspondences with the stars, which are the bodies.

Therefore, what are the invisible of the space? They are deformed beings in a superior category of your deformation and of all, as you know, from this globe: the sun, moon, and all.

And in the space, is the hierarchy the same of that on Earth? Yes, there are good and bad living beings; and on Earth it is the same thing, because your nature is the same and depends on the same formation. There are the deformed beings, which almost entirely lost their virtues; these are the bad beings and those who did not lose, are the better ones. But all are equally deformed, because they belong to this same formation and depend upon it.

Now you ask: "-And how do they feed?" By the aroma of the arkdoferics gases. "-And the sun?" Its sustenance is natural, because in its movement is its food.

"-And the moon? Why does it wane and later get full and makes these modifications?" Due to its great magnetic action. When it is with its radiation very strong, it is very visible and as it transmits, it wanes. It receives the charge when it waxes, it enlarges and after full, it starts to discharge. Due that the waning part is good for everything.

The moon, because it is of great magnetic action, is what has an effect on everything and everyone. It is a magnetic body, like the feminine body, which is also set to receive charges and to discharge. When it is discharging, it is regulating with her moon until the charge runs out. Finished the charge, anything else is seen and it starts to charge again. So is the moon, after charged, we see it big and beautiful and after discharged, disappeared and nothing else is seen. It does not disappear; it seems to disappear, because it is a body of magnetic effect. Charged it is visible, discharged it is invisible. In all of those modifications is that comes what is called the full when it is charged; first quarter, when it is charging, last quarter, when it is discharging; and new moon, when it is completely discharged, thus forming the four moon quarters. And those movements are provided because the nature is itself an electric and magnetic conjunct, working the moon as a charging and discharging battery by the effluvium of the waves and currents of the own nature.

The moon has, thus, with its magnetic influence a great influence on matter, an influence that all material beings obey to, depending on its regulation, due to the electric and magnetic fluids it produces. The stars, the same way, with their electric and magnetic effluviums. They are electric and magnetic bodies, formed from the essence of matter, as you know how, from the virtues of the resin and the deformed

Virtues are lives and these lives correspond to other lives. The stars are electric and magnetic bodies, because nature is, also, electric and magnetic. These bodies bright above all terrestrials, and are components of the same nature, with different formation, due the deformation of beings.



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