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terça-feira, 18 de julho de 2023



"And so, after being universally immunized, the Sun's light will decrease a lot, it will begin to almost extinguish itself, due to the predominance of a light superior to yours, which is RATIONAL IMMUNIZATION. You still ask: - "And there will be a shock in nature?" ? No! Everything will change naturally and that way, you will not feel any kind of shock. Once the door from up here is opened, it is to embrace everyone universally. Then you say: - "We want to know all that RATIONAL PLAIN up there and much beyond still." And I say: you have never known this world that you inhabit, how do you want to know it up here, without being here? preserved, they always had this world as a mysterious nature. They never knew how they were made, how this world was made, nor who made them. They didn't know where they came from or where they are going. They didn't know why they lived in this world and under these conditions."


CONSIDERATIONS: We have already said that the world we live in is a Rational deformation and that we are living outside our true natural state of being! Well then, just as we adapt to living outside our true natural state, how much better will we live within our true natural state of being! And our true natural state of being is pure, clean and perfect Rational, with a pure, clean and perfect Rational cosmic mass Energy body and eternal life!

Here in this Rational deformation, nothing is eternal, everything has its duration, all beings have their duration, including Celestial beings, like the Sun, the Moon, the Stars and others! Some have a short duration, others have a medium duration, others have a long duration and others seem to be eternal, but they also have their duration, as is the case with Celestial beings, who have been here for millions and millions of years! So, these beings are also deformed, they are also deformed here, out of their natural state of being, as nature is also deformed and out of its natural state of being!

Well then, we learned in Rational Knowledge that before this world, this universe existed, what existed and what exists is the RATIONAL WORLD. And in the RATIONAL WORLD there was a piece, a part that was not yet ready to enter into progress. A few Rationals, by their own free will, decided to progress on their own in that part, in that piece, and the consequence of that progress was the transformation of that piece into everything that is here, after a long process of transformation!

Of course, those few Rationals were called attention by RATIONAL SUPERIOR, but by their own will they wanted to progress. Therefore, it is to be concluded that everything that exists here is the result of thousands and thousands of transformations that did not exist before!

Therefore, nature and all the beings that compose it are the result of this long process of transformation! Just as nature and all these beings transformed from what they were, to what they are, naturally, so will the transformation of nature and these beings, from what they are today, to what they were before they were, also naturally! Hence why, there will be no concussion in nature! This is called the transformation of that Rational deformation to its true natural state! And all this we are learning in the shining pages of the UNIVERSE IN DISENCHANTMENT Books!

(By Antônio dos Santos and Angela Maria). Translated by: Joyce Barros.

Rational greetings to all!


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