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quinta-feira, 1 de junho de 2023



“Anyone who cares about what is not theirs is deluding themselves, taking their time, fretting, getting bored with lost things and causes. Life is not yours, much less your belongings. Life is just one insignificant passage. Why then live your whole life imagining, if everything is in vain, if everything is lost? Yes, because the living being must worry only about things that are useful to himself. Because the living beings do not think as life asks whatever, is that suffering annihilates, more and more, all those who think they arrived in this world to last forever. Nobody thinks about death, much less wants to die. And that's why they keep fighting there to always win and victory never They are overcome by the natural order of things, by the extinction of beings, who are born on Earth, for the knowledge of themselves.

Therefore, everything is fleeting, everyone is passenger and therefore there is no point in thinking about it. Ball for what? Bolar means: thinking about this, or that or that other thing, that the living being, as long as he is sure of why he is living and why he lives, is enough to have a very great point of tranquility." (Pág. 110/111, 1st Volume, Book UNIVERSE IN DISENCHANTMENT, author: RATIONAL SUPERIOR).

CONSIDERATIONS: And this is how this life is, which we think is the true life, being certain that for this reason we say that life is the same! Today, more experienced and mature, we need to take a more realistic look at life and our existence on this planet Earth. Is it really that the form of life, in matter, is the natural way of being of life? Is this way of life really true? If so, why then does this life end, why do we die, since what is true should not end, because the truth is always true, the truth is eternal? And even more, why doesn't anyone conform and accept death as being a true, natural thing if for millions and millions of years everyone has been born and dying? If dying is natural, then what is the reason for nonconformity and the suffering resulting from it to remain until today? Shouldn't we already be "accustomed", habituated and conformed? Why do we still feel such grief when we lose a friend or loved one? Is it because we have definitely lost contact with them?

Well done! Rational Knowledge brings a new approach to these questions! Based on this Knowledge, we come to truly know ourselves, to know who we are, where we came from, where we are going, how we came and how we are going! And how does this work? Through the clarifications coming directly from our true origin, for us here on this planet Earth. Yes friends, we have a true origin, a place where we came from, where we came from and here we ended up! Or do you think that we came from nothing to be, from nothing to exist and that there is no before being? The before being is exactly what we were, before being what we are! In everything there is the before being! Before we were old, we were adults; before we were adults, we were teenagers; before we were teenagers, we were children; before we were children, we were babies; before we were babies, we were a fetus in the making! Before we were a developing fetus, we were a semen that fertilized an egg! And before this fertilization, what were we? And before matter existed, what existed? Did life already exist? Rational Knowledge clarifies that life preexists matter! Yes, because before matter existed, life already existed! And what life was that? Yes, friends, think about it with great affection and propriety! Nothing exists by chance, for everything there is a reason for being!

Rational Knowledge proves and proves to us with absolute propriety that death is not a natural thing! That it is not natural to die! And because it is not natural, nobody conforms to it, nobody accepts it. He says he apparently accepts it, but really, he doesn't accept it! And do you know why, my friends? Because true life is not that of matter, and because, truly, no one was made to die!

But if this is not true life, what is true life then? Rational Knowledge clarifies to us that it is Rational Life, pure, clean, perfect and without defects and, therefore, it is eternal! And where does that life exist? In the RATIONAL WORLD! And it is exactly from the RATIONAL WORLD that all these clarifications come! Hence the surprise of all humanity with the grandeur of these clarifications.

Therefore, now we are having the knowledge about the true life, which is the Rational Life and, being able to enter it, through the Rational Knowledge contained in the Books UNIVERSE IN DISENCHANTMENT! (By Antonio dos Santos and Angela Maria). Translated by: Joyce Barros.

Rational greetings to all!


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