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domingo, 14 de maio de 2023



"If they were balanced, they wouldn't be like that, needing to note that in relation to nature, up to a certain point of view they are equal, and from another point of view they are different. This is why living beings are only what nature made them for, to be what nature wants and therefore, it happens that many living beings, completely illiterate, possess great fortunes and conquer great riches and others, who study to acquire riches, are always in misery.

The living being has to be what nature wants and not what he wants. The living being wants to be rich, but nature made him to be poor; he fights all his life in every way, in every way and always poor. And another, that nature made him to be rich, doesn't need to fight and his wealth is resolved naturally, without sacrifices. There are also those who weren't born to be rich, but they do what they can, they sacrifice and get rich, and what happens? Nature takes everything from them." (Page 149/150, 1st. Volume, Book UNIVERSE IN DISENCHANTMENT, author: RATIONAL SUPERIOR).

CONSIDERATIONS: So, my friends, we are all equal because we are natural children of this nature and, simultaneously, we are all different from each other, because nature is variant and not regulated because it is commanded by two energies that have no stability, which are variant and unbalanced and which are electrical energy and magnetic energy!

Nature is a factory of lives that at all times and at all times undergoes energetic changes in its production line of lives: animals, vegetables and minerals. What's more, my dear friends, not only did nature make all the lives there are, it also made all the proper food to sustain all the lives it made! And even more, my friends: if we have feelings, it's because whoever made us also has feelings, even though they are superior to ours!

So, my friends, carefully analyze the following comparison: if you hurt one of our children, if you kill one of our children, how will we be? Revolted, indignant, right? And let's seek justice at all costs, seeking to repair the evil done! All this happens because we love our children and what belongs to us!

In the same way nature: she loves her children and feels when they kill one of her children! She is revolted and indignant and also seeks justice, aiming to repair the evil done! So, my friends, let's think about it and make the "mea culpa" in relation to the infinity of heinous crimes that we commit against natural laws and against the natural children of nature: animals, vegetables and minerals!

Finally, if we are all natural children of this nature, we must respect all the lives that it has made! This is the universal principle of love for one's neighbor as oneself, since we are all children of one mother and all, without distinction, must be respected in terms of the right to live, even if this right is ephemeral and fleeting! (By Antonio dos Santos and Angela Maria). Translated by: Joyce Barros.

Rational greetings to all!


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