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sábado, 20 de maio de 2023



"In this world, tranquility, peace, lasting joy, are only in the name, and that's why everything ends, everything transforms, everything is so vague, like water that runs down and doesn't come back.

That's the charm; and here in this Rational Writing, the disenchantment. Disenchantment is everything and enchantment is nothing. Disenchantment puts everything in Rational form and enchantment has always put everything out of shape, multiplying evil, stoning savagery to further multiplication of ruins.

But now, here is RATIONAL SUPERIOR, bringing this Writing to everyone's knowledge, for everyone's satisfaction, for everyone's glory, for everyone's glorification, for everyone's eternal salvation, for Universal Redemption. Here is the knowledge of where you came from and where you are going, how you came and how you are going, the beginning and the end of the world, of everyone and everything."


CONSIDERATIONS: So, the inevitable question arises: what is an enchanted being? An enchanted being is one who lives under an infinity of mysteries, enigmas, phenomena, infinite and transfinite, without knowing how to solve them and without knowing where to find the solutions to solve them; he is the one who was born into this world without knowing why or for what purpose; he is the one who does not know the reason for his existence in this world and the reason for the existence of this world; he is the one who does not know everything before being, what he was. Before being a "man", what he was, before being a "woman", what he was. Before being Sun, Moon, Stars, water, earth, animals and vegetables, what they were; he is the one who lives as a sufferer and mortal and does not know why suffering and why death, as well as what he should do to stop being a sufferer and stop being a mortal; he is the one who doesn't know where he came from, doesn't know his beginning how it was, where he originated and what his end will be; he is the one who does not know where he goes after death; he is the one who does not know if there is life after death; he is the one who does not know the beginning of this world as it was and why it was, what the causes of its formation and generation; is the one who does not know if there is intelligent life outside the Earth and, if it exists, what conditions it is in and what to do to get in touch with it.

Anyway, the enchanted being is all that and other things that prevent you from truly knowing yourself! And because the enchanted being lives in these conditions and does not find answers to all these questions, it is that he thinks and judges that life is the same and that he will never pass this condition!

Now, the disenchantment of the enchanted being has arrived on Earth and the disenchantment solving, based, logically, with clear and crystal clear evidence, all these questions of the enchanted being! Here is one of the reasons why this Book is entitled UNIVERSE IN DISENCHANTMENT!

(By Antonio dos Santos and Angela Maria). Translated by: Joyce Barros.

Rational greetings to all!


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