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quinta-feira, 18 de maio de 2023



"They all live in this adventurer's toil, as if uncoordinated with themselves, forgetting what they are, judging themselves to be what they are not, convinced by forgetting that all this is a source of the lost and a singular hell. And for that reason, no one has ever found out, couldn't find out why there is that in the world, why there is this formation like that. And now, I, RATIONAL SUPERIOR, making known to everyone the beginning and the end of this world, of everyone and everything; where they came from and why where they came from, how they came and where they are going.

The world is approaching its last stages of decay under all these theses that, instead of bringing improvements, only bring everything from bad to worse. The illusion betraying everyone, appearance too and everyone in these games of pain, scourges and restlessness of all sizes, in every way, living there, in that hell, subject to everything and finding only suffering and more and more suffering. And I, RATIONAL SUPERIOR, with eata Writing, taking to all the liberation from the bitter yoke, through RATIONAL IMMUNIZATION. Now, the living being asks: - "What is that? What is RATIONAL IMMUNIZATION? How is it? How is it not? Read it from beginning to end and you will know everything, bit by bit. And so, to the children of fire, who are all beings, one must always remember where all this came from." (Page 130/131, 1st. Volume, Book UNIVERSE IN DISENCHANTMENT, author: RATIONAL SUPERIOR).


CONSIDERATIONS: So, is RATIONAL IMMUNIZATION another way of living? There is not the slightest shadow of doubt! An immunized living being is a balanced living being; he is a knower of himself; he knows where he came from, he knows where he is going, how he came and how he is going; fully knows the world he lives in and far beyond; he knows his World of Origin, he knows how he left there and he knows how he ended up here in the conditions he is in; he knows how to get out of the conditions he is in (as a Rational Animal, thinker, sufferer and mortal) and return to his natural state of a pure, clean, perfect Rational being with eternal life!

And what must be done for the living being to become immunized? All you have to do is read and reread, in a reflective, attentive and studious way, the brilliant pages of the Book UNIVERSE IN DISENCHANTMENT! And does this reading prohibit the living being from something? No way! Rational Culture is not against anything, it is not against anyone, it is in favor of everyone and everything, because everyone is a child of God!

And why did RATIONAL IMMUNIZATION not arrive in the world longer ago? Because it's only now that the instructions on how to acquire it have arrived! Like this? Because before we were being prepared so that, after being prepared, we reached the necessary maturity to understand and comprehend it; because before that we were in the Rational Animal phase, in the civilization phase, a phase of preparation of the human being to understand and understand the existence of a Superior World (from where everything and everyone originates), with its Superior Culture, capable of clarifying man (with basis, logic, evidence and confirmation) where he came from, how he came, why he came, where he is going, how he is going and why he is going.

All this is found now in RATIONAL IMMUNIZATION, because there was a phase change, of regency in nature! From the Rational animal phase to the Rational Phase; because there was the union of the two worlds in one! That's right, my friends! From the world above, which is the RATIONAL WORLD, with the world below, which is this one of matter, where we live.

So, my friends, get to know RATIONAL IMMUNIZATION, the greatest gift of all times! (By Antonio dos Santos and Angela Maria). Translated by: Joyce Barros.

Rational greetings to all!


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