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sábado, 27 de maio de 2023



"Then, another comes and concludes: - "The benefit of life like this, is none. The world's weapon should be conscience, and when it's over, the world's weapon is fire, the bullet and the cannon; so much so that the righteous suffers for the sinner. Humanity has become monsters, ideals and whims of monsters, born of madness, which drags the world into misery. Sick and crazy as we are, wretches. And so, we can only make miseries and put everyone in miseries and suffering. We appear to be very competent, but our competence has only been enough to keep everyone suffering more and more and worse."

These are comments from people who usually exchange ideas about humanity and end up saying that everything has an end. These do not admit anything beyond their capacities, and when they come across the Writing of RATIONAL IMMUNIZATION, they will be astonished and say: - "At last, what was missing arrived and in which such a thing was never thought of." (Page 261/262, 1st. Volume, Book UNIVERSE IN DISENCHANTMENT, author: RATIONAL SUPERIOR).

CONSIDERATIONS: In the teachings contained in the Book UNIVERSE IN DISENCHANTMENT, from Rational Culture, we learn that the world is going through a transition between a phase of moral, physical and financial liquidation and another of recovery! And look what a beautiful lesson RATIONAL SUPERIOR, author of the Book, presents us with in this magnificent passage!

"In the world, the calamity is already too much; the injustices are of all forms; the tortures are of all calibers, precisely because of envy, greed and ambition. Those who deserve to be punished, are not and those who do not they deserve it, they are. Those who deserve to be punished are those who do not pay and those who do not deserve it are those who pay; those who deserve it have comfort relative to their needs and those who do not deserve it have too much; those who work, they make an effort, fight, lose their health and life in their efforts for work, they deserve nothing and those who do none of this, deserve everything and have the right to enjoy life in the best way they understand, giving expansion to their ideals and wills ".

"What you see in the world is the empire of greed and ambition; and that's why some want a piece of bread, no matter how hard it is, and they don't have it; they go and pick it up in the garbage can of those who have it to throw away, subjecting They eat leftovers from what they have to spare. Some want warm clothes, they don't have them, they die of cold and hunger; others have to throw away. Some want medicine and don't have them; they die because they can't treat themselves and others throw the money away "

"So, for a universal corrective in humanity, Mars came to martyr everyone in such a way that they will be forced, in order to live, to look for another smoother way. Planet Mars came to put an end to universal injustice, where the just pays. by the sinner, due to greed, envy and ambition that devours people's hearts. So, the influence of Mars can be called the Justice of heaven, the Justice of Nature, the Natural Justice, which does not fail, because Mars will take over and end all this, in a short time; with the will of boundless free will, emperor of ruins."

"And in this period of time, in this distressing situation throughout the world, this Writing UNIVERSE IN DISENCHANTMENT begins to emerge among everyone. ".(SUPERIOR RATIONAL). Collaboration: Antonio dos Santos and Angela Maria. Translated by: Joyce Barros.

Rational greetings to all!


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